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Graduate Program

   The Asian International Rivers Center (AIRC) offers a broad set of graduate degrees, each with a different emphasis.

   The master of engineering degree is designed for students who wish to be actively and directly involved with current environmental problems, and contribute innovative ideas towards their resolution. It is also aimed at students, who want to gain a strong background in both theoretical and applied aspects of geography and ecology, and intend to pursue professional careers in, for example, local, regional or national planning agencies, engineering or environmental firms, and GIS service providers.

   The master of science degree is aimed at students, who want to specialize in applications of analytical techniques in the field of geography and ecology, and intend to pursue a doctoral degree or a career in research, development, and consulting. Students are encouraged to specify one of four concentration areas, in order to sharpen their focus within International Rivers and Eco-Security.

   The doctoral degree is intended for students who seek to reach the highest level of knowledge in a specific topic within International Rivers and Eco-Security, and to advance this knowledge through basic and/or applied research, and is primarily intended for those interested in careers in research and academia. The AIRC is the only institution in China awarding Ph.D. degrees in Transboundary Eco-Security.

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