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[News] Director and deputy director of the CEH in UK visits YNU

   Institute of International Rivers and Eco-security, Yunnan University, June 19, 2017:  On May 22, 2017,Prof.Mark Bailey, director of the UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), Prof. Alan Jenkins, deputy director of CEH, and Prof. Hong Li, the director of the Chinese Strategy Department of CEH, visited Yunnan University (YNU) and signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with YNU.

   Prof. Keqin Zhang, vice present of YNU, Prof. Jinming Hu, director of International Rivers and Eco-security (IRES), and Prof. Daming He, director of Yunnan Provincial key laboratory of International Rivers and Transboundary Eco-security, met with the foreign guests. A MoU signing ceremony between two sides was held in Minyuan Building, YNU.

   After the ceremony, the CEH group was invited to the conference room of IRES to hold discussions with IRES about future cooperation. Prof. Daming He and Prof. Jinming Hu gave warm welcomes to the CEH group. Prof. Jinming Hu stated he hoped to strengthen the cooperation with CEH in following ways. First, YNU and IRES would support CEH scientists to apply for the National/Yunnan Talent Schme; Second, both sides would encourage bilateral exchange of research scientists and joint training of graduate students; Third, both sides would apply research project jointly to support collaborative research and publish research outputs; Last but not least, two sides would hold joint workshops and international conferences. Prof. Mark Bailey responded to Prof. Hu's suggestions positively. CEH group showed strong willingness to cooperate with YNU/IRES.

   Afterwards, both sides look forward to the future cooperation between the two organizations in the field of climate change, ecological system service and sustainable management of terrestrial and freshwater under the influence of climate change and the activities of human beings and other related areas.

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