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Events:Department Seminar: Glaciology, Hydrology, and Hazard Assessment and Mitigation at Imja Lake and Glacier, Nepal

Time: Friday 7 July 2017, at 10:00am-11:00am

Venue: Seminar Room, Institute of International Rivers and Eco-Security, Chenggong campus, Yunnan University

Speaker:Prof. Dr. Jeffrey S. Kargel (University of Arizona, Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences) 

   Introduction:Prof. Jeffrey Kargel has a background in geology and planetary sciences. He is the leading discoverer of ancient glaciation on Mars. He has the expertise of chemistry and global evolution of icy satellites and terrestrial planets; potential natural resources of asteroids and Mars.  He organized the 35-nation GLIMS (Global Land Ice Measurements from Space) consortium. He is also specialized in cryospheric processes of Mars, low-temperature aqueous and hydrocarbon geochemistry of the colder reaches of the Solar System. His current research is largely applied to the development and mitigation of high mountain hazards.

   Report abstract:The rapid growth of Imja Lake (Everest region) became alarming in the 1980s.  Intense scientific and applied interest led to regular monitoring from space and the ground and detailed scrutiny of the glacier's and lake's evolutionary dynamics. Then in 2014 a multidisciplinary field and remote sensing investigation funded by the U.N. Development Program was focused on evaluating the hazard and designing a concept for lowering the lake as a means to reduce the hazard.  That effort stalled, but then the 2015 Gorkha earthquake renewed the government's and aid agencies' attention on Nepal's natural hazards. Finally in 2016 lake lowering was successfully undertaken-- managed by the Nepal Army-- according to our guidance.  These measures have reduced but not eliminated the hazard.  The likely continued future growth of the lake will again pose predictable increasing challenges. 

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