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[News] Vice Chancellor of Islamic University-Kushtia Visits AIRC

On November 24, 2017, Professor Dr. Rashid Askari, vice president of Islamic University-Kushtia, Bangladesh and Prof. Dr. MD. Maher Ali, director of Islamic University visited AIRC accompanied by other 3 delegates from the office of International Cooperation & Exchange in Yunnan University (YNU). Prof. Jinming Hu, head of International Rivers and Eco-security (IRES), met the guests. Mrs. Ya Yang, general secretary of IRES, Mr. Zhuangyan Chen, deputy dean of IRES, Prof. Lide Tian, Prof. Shiyin Liu, Assoc. Prof. Yungang Li, Assoc. Prof. Liqiang Chen, Dr, Xuan Luo and Dr. Xia Luo, attended the meeting as well.

Prof. Hu first gave a warm welcome to the delegation, and then gave a brief introduction of IRES about its structure, research teams and international cooperation. Afterwards, Prof. Askari expressed deep interests about the research currently carrying out in IRES. He said Islamic University is always having a good relationship with YNU, and wished the two sides could extend their cooperation through carrying out joint research on areas with common interests. When it comes to the impact of climate change and global warming, Bangladesh is often a focal point because it is one the top of the vulnerable countries which has been frequently stuck by hurricanes, cyclones and monsoons etc. Thus, Islamic University is looking forward to such kind of research conducted in AIRC in order to combat climate changes in Bangladesh. Hence, Prof. Askari hopes that AIRC research stuff is able to provide short-term training for their faculty and students in the fields of cryosphere, hydrology, environmental science, transboundary eco-security and water management between their neighboring countries etc.

Afterwards, Prof. Hu said AIRC is willing to assist Islamic University to cultivate their future talents through stuff and student exchange, short-term training and joint research.  

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