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[News] Dean of Department of Chemistry of Mandalay University visits AIRC

On November 28, 2017, Prof. Yi Yi Myint, dean of Department of Chemistry of Mandalay University, visited the AIRC with her delegation. Accompanying the delegation were Prof. Shucheng Tan, dean of School of Resource Environment and Earth science, YNU, Prof. Fengyi Hu, dean of Department of Agriculture, YNU, Prof. Xiaodong Yang, vice director of Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry for Natural Resource, Ministry of Education, School of Chemical Science and Technology, YNU, and Ms Li Ma, section chief of Confucius Institute & Chinese Promotion, YNU . Prof. Jinming Hu, dean of IRES, Prof. Xingwu Duan, vice dean of IRES, Associate Prof. Chengzhi Ding, Dr. Wenlin Wang, Dr. Xia Luo and Ms Jianshuang Tao met the delegation as well.

Prof. Hu and Prof. Yi Yi Myint first introduced the history, structure, research fields and international cooperation of AIRC and the Department of Chemistry of Mandalay University, respectively. Prof. Yi Yi Myint said their department currently has 42 stuffs and 300 students, including PhD, M.S., post-graduates, and undergraduates. Since 2013, Mandalay University started to reoffer the bachelor's degree to the best students in the country, hence the number of undergraduates in their university is still limited at this moment.

Prof. Shucheng Tan, Prof. Fengyi Hu and Prof. Dongxiao Yang then gave brief introduction about their department/laboratory, respectively. Prof. Tan said their department is mainly focusing on mineral geology, remote sensing geology and petrology etc. As we known that Myanmar is endowed with rich mineral resources, thus he wished the two sides can carry out joint researches on those areas with common interests. Prof. Hu mentioned some research projects they are currently conducting in their department, and he said the two sides can enhance collaboration in the fields of soil science, plant zoology, crop genomics and so forth. Prof. Yang said their current research is focused in three major areas: (1) natural product chemistry; (2) synthetic methodology; (3) and medicine chemistry or anti-tumor drugs. Prof. Yi Yi Myint listened carefully and showed great interests about those proposed researches. She said the traditional medicine has been used on a daily basis in Myanmar and considered as one of the most important research areas in Mandalay University, hence their department wished future cooperation with Prof. Yang's laboratory on those related areas. She will also encourage and promote collaboration between other departments in Mandalay University with YNU later.

Afterwards, the two sides held discussions on some possible collaborative ways such as short-term and long-term training available for Mandalay University stuff and students in the near future.

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