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Junhua Gou

   Junhua Gou, female, Han nationality, assistant professor, graduated from Yunnan Normal University with a bachelor degree in Geographical Science. She previously worked at Xixing District Hospital of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province since she graduated from the technical secondary school in 1982. She was transferred to the Institute of Geography of Yunnan Province and engaged in science and technology archives management, administrative, teaching and research in 1990. She was transferred to Yunnan University in 2000. She has successively served as the head teacher, the director of education and the director of administrative office of the School of Resource Environment and Earth Science, Yunnan University. She currently engages in research assistance and management in the Institute of International Rivers and Eco-Security, Yunnan University. She was previously awarded Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award (the fourth in the ranking).

Education Background

In 1982,Geography of Yunnan Normal University , college degree.

Professional Experience
Research Interests
Awards and Recognition
Award 1 (ranked fourth) of the Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Progress
Academic Conference and Activities
Student Supervision
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