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1. Advanced engineering fluid mechanics

2. Application of GIS and RS technology in geography

3. Biochemistry

4. Biodiversity conservation and management

5. Biological statistics and software analysis

6. Circular economy and clean production

7. Disaster geographic information system

8. Earth surface processes and disasters prevention

9. Engineering statistics

10. Environmental ecology

11. Environmental management

12. Geographical frontiers

13. Human geography methodology

14. Hydrology and water resources

15. International rivers

16. Modeling of GIS and spatial analysis

17. Modern Environmental Monitoring

18. National spatial planning and control

19. Principles and methods of analysis of remote sensing application

20. Principles and methods of landscape ecology

21. Quantitative geography

22. Regional development management

23. Resource and environment remote sensing

24. Restoration ecology

25. The writing of the research thesis

26. Theories and methods of strategic environmental impact assessment

27. Transboundary eco-security

28. Watershed ecology

29. Theories and methods of aquatic ecosystem restoration

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