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Postdoctoral Fellowship Application and Funding Guide

The Asian International Rivers Center (AIRC) devotes to investigating the cross-border hydrology and water resources in the context of climate change and human activities (such as major conservancy projects, land-use and land-cover changes, etc.) in Lancang-Mekong River and other related southwest cross-border river basin. AIRC conducts research in a wide arrange of fields, including glacier changes and hydrological effects on the western cross-border watershed, climate change and plateau mountainous watershed hydrological processes, land use and coverage changes in plateau mountainous watershed and the corresponding ecological hydrological effects, ecological impact of major water conservancy projects, transboundary water resources management, soil erosion and maintenance in plateau mountain, etc..

AIRC, certified as the Yunnan Key Laboratory of International Rivers and Transboundary Eco-security in 2010, currently has 26 full time academic staffs and one provincial innovation team. The experimental, teaching as well as research space covers a total area of nearly 4,000 square meters. As of the end of 2016, three ecological monitoring field bases have been completed and put into use. Teaching and research equipments, software systems and facilities, used for data processing and analysis, field eco-environmental monitoring and sampling, etc., are over 100 units/pieces/ sets with a total value of more than 20 million RMB. To improve the academic competitiveness and personal training level, AIRC offers two-year postdoctoral positions and fellowships for highly qualified, incoming postdocs with the following requirements:

The specific enrollment plan is as follows: 



Postdoctoral research program

Background requirement

Capability, experience and other requirements


Ecological change and influence of transboundary river hydrology and water resources

Ecology, physical geography, hydrology and water resources engineering



The study ofhydro-ecological cycle on the basis of stable isotopes

Ecology, physical geography

Ø  Solid knowledge in water stable isotope

Ø  Strong observing simulation ability

Ø  Positive working attitude

Ø  Application who have strong publication records are preferred


Glaciervariation and its ecological response

Ecology, physical geography

Ø  Solid knowledge in water stable isotope

Ø  Be able to solve scientific problems by using remote sensing and other related technologies

Ø  Application who have strong publication records are preferred


Impacts of climate changes on glacier runoff variations of rivers in South Asia

Ecology, hydrology and water resources engineering, applied mathematics or atmospheric science

Ø  A great passion for research

Ø  Excellent communication skills

Ø  GIS or numerical background

Ø  Flexible to travel and fieldwork


Glacier ice volume and surface motion velocity assessment by remote sensing monitoring

Ecology, cartography and geographic information systems, photogrammetry and remote sensing

Ø  A great passion for research

Ø  Excellent communication skills

Ø  GIS or numerical background

Ø  Flexible to travel and fieldwork

Eligibility and requirements:

Ø  Must be less than 35 years of age on December 31st of the application year.

Ø  Must have completed their PhDs within 3 years of the beginning of the fellowship. Fresh graduates are preferred.

Ø  Must have a Ph.D. in ecology or other related fields above. Applicants without a Ph.D. degree in fields above are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Ø  Must be able to focus on their research without having external commitments, such as full time employment.

Ø  Must spend at least 21 months being in attendance and actively working on their research in a 24-month period.

Grants for postdoctoral positions

Ø  China Postdoctoral Fellowship: China Postdoctoral Fellowship award for full-time postdoc is 160,000 RMB, 80% of the money will be used for the salaries, while 20% of the money will be used for your research.

Ø  Yunnan University Postdoctoral Scholarship: Yunnan University Postdoctoral Scholarship provides a 100,000 RMB stipend, 80% of the stipend will be spent on the salaries, while 20% of the stipend will be spent on your own research.

Ø  Department Postdoctoral Scholarship: a candidate who is qualified for this scholarship will receive a monthly stipend of 4,000 RMB for up to 24 months fulltime placement.

Ø  Yunnan Provincial Scholarship: Yunnan Provincial Scholarship award for full-time postdoc is 160,000 RMB, of which 128,000 RMB will be used for living allowance, 32,000 RMB will be used for research.


Yunnan University will provide apartment for the postdoctoral research assistants, the postdocs are only responsible for paying the electricity and water bills.

Outstanding postdoctors can apply to stay and work in the Yunnan University after the 24-month study.


Contact us:

For more information please contact Dr. Li at 0871-65034269, yblee @ ynu.edu.cn.




Asian International Rivers Center (AIRC), Yunnan University

June 2, 2017

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