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Education Background

Ying Lu works in the institute of international rivers and eco-security, Yunnan University as associate professor. He got B.S. in Southwest Forestry University in 2001 and got his M.S.& PhD in Yunnan University during 2003 to 2009.

Professional Experience

Sep 2009 - Present: Associate Professor, AIRC, Yunnan University, focus on hydro-ecology, hydrological process modeling

Projects (As Leader):

l   Hydrological responses on land use and climate change in mountainous watershed (funded by Yunnan University, 2009-2011, 2009D21Q)

l   Hydrological responses and regional variations on LUCC in downstream of Lancang River Basin (funded by Yunnan key lab of international rivers and transboundary eco-security, 2010-2012, 200903)

l   Response and regional differences of hydrological processes to land use and climate change in the lower reaches of Lancang River (funded by National Science Fund of China, 2009-2012)

l   Water temperature distribution research under the impact of large dam in Lancang River (funded by National Science Fund of China, 2013-2017, 41361094)

l   Study on Hydropower driving effect of water temperature change in outlying river reaches of Lancang River (funded by Yunnan Provincial Science Fund, 2017-2020, 2017FA021)


Research Interests

Research interests of Ying Lu are hydrology and water resources, international water resource assessment and water temperature modelling. He has finished serval scientific projects supported by national and provincial science fund as a team leader. Ying Lu has published more than 20 papers and invented more than 10 patents.


l   Hydro-ecological study of Mountainous Basin; Regional Land Use and Climate Change (LUCC);

l   Distribute Hydrological Modeling application and development

l   Environmental changes under impact of hydropower development

l   Water temperature change in reservoir


Books & Chapters:

Daming He, Ying Lu, Zhiguo Li et al. 2009. Watercourse environmental change in Upper Mekong (Chapter 14). In: Ian C. Campbell (Eds.). The Mekong biophysical environment of an international river basin. New York: Academic Press.


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BI Xiaojing, LU Ying*, BAO Wenxiu, et al., 2018. Downstream water temperature prototype observation and analysis of Gongguoqiao Hydropower plant. Water Resources and Power. 2018. (in press)


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DUN Yue, LU Ying, BI Xiaojing, et al., 2018. A portable flood monitoring system. 2018. ZL201721714788.8

Awards and Recognition
Academic Conference and Activities
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Professional Service
Ying Lu is the member of Chinese Geography Society, as well as member of Yunnan Geography Society.
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