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Ruidong Wu

PhD, Associate Professor

E-mail: rdwu@ynu.edu.cn

Education Background

2008.9 - 2011.7 South China Normal University, Ph.D.

2003.9 - 2006.7 Southwest Forestry College, M.S.

1994.9 - 1998.7 Liaoning Technical University, B.S.

Professional Experience

2011.8 - Yunnan University, Associate Professor

2001.9 - 2008.12 The Nature Conservancy, Conservation Scientist

Research Interests
Conservation Biogeography, Ecosystem Services Modeling and Systematic Conservation Planning
  • Ruidong Wu*, Wenli Wang, Feiling Yang, Junjun Wang, Wei Wu, Yixin Diao, and Peijun Hu. 2017. Global roadless areas: Consider terrain. Science 355: 1381-1381.
  • Ruidong Wu. 2016. Conservation: Big data boost in China. Nature 540: 38.
  • Ruidong Wu. 2016. China's ecosystems: Focus on biodiversity. Science 353: 657.
  • Shiwei Lin, Ruidong Wu*, Chaolang Hua, Jianzhong Ma, Wenli Wang, Feiling Yang, and Junjun Wang. 2016. Identifying local-scale wilderness for on-ground conservation actions within a global biodiversity hotspot. Scientific Reports 6: 25898.
  • Feiling Yang, Jinming Hu*, and Ruidong Wu*. 2016. Combining endangered plants and animals as surrogates to identify priority conservation areas in Yunnan, China. Scientific Reports 6: 30753.
  • 林世伟, 武瑞东*. 2015. “三江并流”区生态系统土壤保持服务的空间分布特征. 云南大学学报 37: 295-302.
  • 林世伟, 武瑞东*. 2015. “三江并流”区生态系统供水服务的空间分布特征. 西部林业科学 44(3): 8-15.
  • Guopeng Ren, Stephen S. Young, Lin Wang, Wei Wang, Yongcheng Long, Ruidong Wu, Junsheng Li, Jianguo Zhu, and Douglas W. Yu. 2015. Effectiveness ofChina’s National Forest Protection Program and nature reserves. Conservation Biology 29: 1368-1377.
  • Ruidong Wu*, Yongcheng Long, George P. Malanson, Paul A. Garber, Shuang Zhang, Diqiang Li, Peng Zhao, Longzhu Wang, and Hairui Duo. 2014. Optimized spatial priorities for biodiversity conservation in China: a systematic conservation planning perspective. PLoS One 9: e103783.
  • Daming He, Ruidong Wu, Yan Feng, Yungang Li, Chengzhi Ding, Wenling Wang, and Douglas W. Yu. 2014. China’s transboundary waters: new paradigms for water and ecological security through applied ecology. Journal of Applied Ecology 51: 1159-1168.
  • 杨飞龄, 胡金明, 武瑞东*. 2013. 基于NPWP的云南植物保护优先区分析. 地理学报 68: 1538-1548.
  • Zhiming Zhang, Ruth Sherman, Zijiang Yang, Ruidong Wu, Wenli Wang, Mei Yin, Guihua Yang, and Xiaokun Ou. 2013. Integrating a participatory process with a GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis for protected area zoning in China. Journal for Nature Conservation 21: 225-240.
  • Wenli Wang, Christian Körner, Zhiming Zhang, Ruidong Wu, Yupeng Geng, Wen Shi, and Xiaokun Ou. 2013. No slope exposure effect on alpine treeline position in the Three Parallel Rivers Region, SW China. Alpine Botany 123: 87-95.
  • Ruidong Wu, Shuang Zhang, Douglas W. Yu, Peng Zhao, Xinhai Li, Longzhu Wang, Qian Yu, Jian Ma, Ai Chen, and Yongcheng Long. 2011. Effectiveness of China’s nature reserves in representing ecological diversity. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9: 383-389.
  • Ruidong Wu, Guangzhi Ma, Yongcheng Long, Jiehua Yu, Shining Li, and Haisheng Jiang. 2011. The performance of nature reserves in capturing the biological diversity on Hainan Island, China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 18: 800-810.
  • Zhijing Liu, Baoping Ren, Ruidong Wu, Liang Zhao, Yanli Hao, Boshi Wang, Fuwen Wei, Yongcheng Long, and Ming Li. 2009. The effect of landscape features on population genetic structure in Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys (Rhinopithecus bieti) implies an anthropogenic genetic discontinuity. Molecular Ecology 18: 3831-3846.
  • Li Li, Shixiao Yu, Baoping Ren, Ming Li, Ruidong Wu, and Yongcheng Long. 2009. A study on the carrying capacity of the available habitat for the Rhinopithecus bieti population at Mt. Laojun in Yunnan, China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 16: 474-478.
  • Baoping Ren, Ming Li, Yongcheng Long, Ruidong Wu, and Fuwen Wei. 2009. Home range and seasonality of Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys. Integrative Zoology 4: 162-171.
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